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Hold it Together the home stretch of the pandemic

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I saw a headline the other day: Can We Survive the Rest of the Pandemic without Drinking or Doing Drugs?

Yes, we can do that, but it is going to require some deep digging into our reservoirs, some (more) patience, being vigilant about not sinking into despair and asking for help,, when needed.

Many people are feeling some form of depression and anxiety. Our brains don't do well with limitlessness - we really don't know what the end of the pandemic looks like and we don't know how we'll all be different when it does. And, of course, we don't know when, really. Many people live alone and are lonely; most of us are starved for human touch/contact.

It's not the best time for sudden moves or huge changes, but there are small shifts we can make that will help this remaining time go more smoothly.

  • Less judging of ourselves.
  • Less judging of others.
  • Setting one extra task a day -- not 14 (or 40), the way you used to.
  • Getting outside at least once a day -- even if it's just a short walk around the neighborhood.
  • Pick one thing that gives you pleasure - yes, pleasure.
  • Create a structure, no matter how loose - and follow it as best you can.
  • Repeat the words "as best as I can" multiple times a day.
  • Stay in touch -- call a friend, email, write letters, use Zoom.
  • Take time over big decisions -- hold them thoughtfully before making a move.
  • Letting go of should and ought to - now is a good time to do that